About Us

Real People. Real Results.

Who We Are

GENFØDSEL is a new idea. One that is rooted in a larger vision of leaving things better than we found them. The branding behind our name and logo come from a core belief that we each can make a difference. The logo is based on the “Elder Futhark” rune “Dagaz” which means “New day” or “The light coming through darkness”. Our name is the Danish word for “Rebirth”. These together encompassed our passion and formed our brand around improving the world one day at a time.

Who We Serve

We serve all of you. 😉

Startups, established small to medium sized businesses, individuals, non-profits, online personalities, streamers, sports teams, local municipalities, state departments, industrial or manufacturing facilities, retailers, and many more.

Not sure about your idea yet? That’s okay! We’ll even work on the planning stages with you or for you, we build our services and solutions around your and your businesses needs. Reach out to get started.

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